March 08 2019
Basics of fall protections

The Ministry of Labour in Ontario has released an analysis they have conducted on the fatalities in Ontario as a result of falls from heights. The report was made to reflect the numbers from 2009-2016. The reason for the analysis was to educate the public and the work force on the contributing factors to falls from heights.

The report lists that 92 people died in the years of the study as a result from falls from heights. 65% of those fatalities were in the construction industry. The analysis shows spikes in the rate of fatalities in the summer months when construction is high. 2:00PM was the hour in the day that saw the most fatalities, 13. This is likely due to be the end of the day, workers are tired, they are less focused, and accidents happen.

The report lists much more information and statistics relating to the study. For more information regarding the study visit this IHSA link: