Reco Cleaning Services

General Labour & Handymen

General Labour & Handymen

In addition to our handymen and suite cleaners, Reco also offers general labourers to assist you in completing your project in many ways, including:

  • Full exterior window cleaning, highrise or lowrise.
  • Catch basin flushing.
  • Powerwashing of exterior building & parkades.
  • Provide a full audit of your construction project as it approaches completion.
  • Specialize in eliminating any deficiencies your project may incur.
Post-construction Suite Clean Up

Post-construction Suite Clean Up

We offer a 3 or 4-stage post-construction clean-up before occupancy of suites, to fit any scope of work. Our fully trained staff will:

  • Remove all construction debris.
  • Remove all dirt & dust from floors, walls, light fixtures, doors, trim and window sills.
  • Fully sanitize all washrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.
  • Clean & polish floors plus interior windows, appliances and countertops to a sparkling finish while also removing stickers, scrape and etch glass clean.