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November 27 2023 0Comment
Emerging Technologies in Workplace Safety

Emerging Technologies in Workplace Safety

Explore how Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, and IoT are transforming workplace safety. Dive into real-world case studies, understand the challenges, and discover future trends in this comprehensive guide to technological advancements in safety.

May 12 2023 0Comment
Daily Scissor lift Inspection Checklist

Daily Inspection Checklist: Aerial or Scissor Lift

Prioritize Safety: Daily Inspection Checklist for Aerial Lifts Aerial lifts, also known as scissor lifts and man lifts, are widely used in construction, manufacturing, and other industries. They provide a safe and efficient means of working at heights. However, when not properly maintained or inspected, they can be dangerous. That’s why it’s important to have […]

March 28 2023 0Comment

WHMIS 2015: What You Need to Know

WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System) is a comprehensive program created by the Canadian government to protect workers from hazardous materials and workplace chemicals. The most recent version, WHMIS 2015, is aligned with the Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals (GHS). This means that if you work with chemicals, you need to […]

February 03 2023 0Comment
Safety Tips for Working at Heights

Safety Tips for Working at Heights

When working at heights, whether it’s from a ladder or scaffolding, safety should be your top priority. You should always use fall protection equipment as well as take precautions to avoid falls in the first place. Here are 9 tips for staying safe while working at heights: 1. Always use a safety harness. Safety harnesses […]

February 03 2023 0Comment
Why Construction Training is Important

Why Training is Important

Training is an important part of any organization’s safety program. It gives your employees the opportunity to learn about how to respond in different situations, understand what resources are available, and get hands-on practice. In this blog we’ll give you some ideas about how Safeline’s training can help improve safety in your organization. Safety Training […]

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