February 26 2019
Reco Cleaning Services

There are many stages to a construction project. Starting from the pre planning phase all the way to occupancy of the tenants. Safeline Group of Companies shares a role in many of those key stages of construction. Safety is a huge aspect of construction and is present in almost every stage. Safeline has been providing safety services for 11 years and has established itself as an important presence in the construction industry in Toronto. However, another stage of construction in high rise residential buildings is the pre-occupancy suite set ups. Contractors want to ensure their suites are presentable when they give the keys to the future tenants. That is where Reco Cleaning Services comes in. As part of the Safeline Group of Companies, Reco Cleaning Services has established itself as a premier supplier and deliverer of professionally cleaned, organized, and presentable suites. Even after the initial construction is complete of a suite, it is never fully finished and ready for ownership until the Reco team has gone through and inspected every inch of the property. This precision and care is how Reco Cleaning Services provides tenants and developers with the piece of mind knowing their suites are taken care of. For more information about Reco Cleaning Services give us a call at 905-326-0852.