April 17 2019

Spring has finally arrived, is your project ready for the changes that entails?

Today finally feels like the first day of 2019 where we are escaping the long cold winter. After a long winter the conditions on site are changing. Constructors and trades all play a role in helping transition the project from winter to spring conditions. Spring construction site conditions mainly revolve around the housekeeping on site. The waste and debris that was once hidden by the snow is now visible. The walkways for access and egress become full of mud from the earth softening. The site needs to go through an evolution to ensure worker safety. The term spring cleaning certainly includes construction sites. RECO Services offer laborers who specialize in this type of site maintenance. Contact admin@safelinegroup.ca to inquire about those services. Spring is also a great time to review your personnel’s health and safety training and procedures. Safeline offers various services and courses for workers that help make sure that all the health and safety needs are met during the Spring.