February 05 2019
Toronto Construction Site with crane

There is a saying in Toronto that I have heard throughout the years, “Toronto is going to be such a nice city……when they are done building it.” The implication of this is that despite Toronto’s existence dating back to 1834, that there is still a crazy amount of active construction and infrastructure within the city limits.

This is shown to be true in the most recent report from the surveying firm Rider Levett Bucknall (RLB). Who, for the third consecutive year, claim that Toronto currently has more cranes erected than any other city in North America. A fact that can be verified by any Torontonian who looks out from their condo balcony.

According to the Rider Levett Bucknall’s North American Crane Index, there are 104 cranes in the sky as of January 2019. This is up from last years 97 cranes. The index also reports that of the 104 cranes, 46% are dedicated to residential projects.

“In the Toronto core area, the crane count is up, with residential and mixed-use projects commanding the local construction industry. Heading into 2019, increased infrastructure spending is anticipated to trigger additional activity, with more than 400 high-rise buildings on the docket for development. We are seeing a trend, where the cranes installed in the Toronto Core, and losing ground by percentage compared to the number of cranes being erected outside the downtown core.” – RLB Crane Index North America 2019

It is important to keep in mind that 104 cranes does not mean 104 different developments, as many locations may require multiple cranes.

Toronto already has one of the most recognizable and stunning sky lines in world. It is exciting to know that when the cranes come down new structures will be standing, and our skyline will grow even more.

Next time you are in the city, look up, see if you can spot the cranes from where you are. While you are at it, try and find the Safeline banners on the sites with those cranes.