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Excavation & Trenching Hazard Awareness

Any workers participating in trenching and excavating need to be aware of the hazards and dangers involved. An excavation is a hole left in the ground resulting from removing material. A trench is an excavation where the depth is bigger than the width.

Ontario regulations for excavations can be found in Sections 222-242 of Construction Regulations in the OHSA. Information about proper excavation procedures, precautions to be taken, and soil types can be found in these sections.

This Training is for:

Any worker who is directly involved in excavation and trenching, as well as any worker who will be working closely or around where excavation and trenching is taking place.

Participants will learn:

  • The major hazards of working in trenches and excavations

  • The 3 basic methods of protection against trench cave-ins: sloping, shoring and trench boxes; proper preparation of excavating

  • Other various hazards associated on the work site.

  • Emergency procedures

  • Part III of the Construction Regulations (sections 222 to 242) pertaining to excavating and trenching operations. Taught in compliance with the IHSA and Ministry of Labour’s health and safety legislation.

No Expiry.

DURATION: Approximately 4 hours of in-class participation.


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