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Lock-out/tag-out Awareness

A lockout/tag out refers to specific practices and procedures to protect workers from unexpected release of hazardous energy in the form of electrical, mechanical and gas. A lockout typically involves a worker using a device to prevent release of hazardous energy. A Tag out provides information on when the item has been locked out and why.

Participants will gain knowledge on what to look for in recognizing equipment that needs to be locked out/tag out. The purpose of this method od hazard recognition is to recognize the hazard before it takes place and to eliminate it.

This Training is For:

Any worker who is involved with maintenance of equipment/machinery (with moving parts) are required to have participant knowledge and MUST first have this awareness training prior to participating in a LOCK-OUT/TAG-OUT Plan/Program. 

This course teaches participants:

  • The Identification process

  • Hazards and Controls

  • Types of Energy sources

  • Assessment and controls

  • Legal requirements

  • Monitoring protocols

  • LOCK-OUT/TAG-OUT systems.

Note: All workers involved with the process must also complete a review of the Site-specific LOCK-OUT/TAG-OUT Plan/Program.

No Expiry.

DURATION: Approximately 2hrs of in class participation.


    Don’t wait for Incidents to happen,
    build a workplace safety program.