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Working At Heights Full Course

The working at heights training course is provided at both Toronto (Vaughan) and Ottawa locations. This program meets the standard mandated by the Ministry of labour as of April 01/2015 and is a Chief Prevention Officer (CPO) approved program.

Note: Worker Awareness and WHMIS is included in this course

DURATION: Approximately 8 Hours of class participation


Falls are a major cause of workplace injuries and deaths in Canada. Many of these falls are from heights. This working at heights (fall arrest training) course is meant to educate workers about how to safely work from heights and how to prevent falls from taking place. Participants will be educated on the various fall protection systems and learn the ideal circumstances for when each system should be used.

Height Training – Course Eligibility:

Training in this fall arrest training (working at heights) course is a mandatory requirement to work on any construction project in Ontario. This course is designed for people who will be working from heights, but the knowledge gained in this course will be applicable to everyone on a construction project.

The Ontario regulations for working at heights can be found in General Construction Sections 21-27 of the OHSA.

Working at Heights course is required for construction workers who use the following types of fall protection:

  • Travel restraint systems

  • Fall restricting systems

  • Fall arrest systems

  • Safety Nets

  • Work belts or safety belts

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Selecting a Training Provider for Working at Heights

When selecting a training provider for working at heights, it’s crucial to choose a program that not only offers comprehensive knowledge but also emphasizes practical skills like fall protection and safety nets. The ideal training program integrates real-world scenarios, preparing participants for the rigors of work access and fall protection equipment usage. The program curriculum should adhere to the working at heights training standards. Furthermore, training should include rescue planning, a fundamental aspect often overlooked. With the right provider, workers can confidently navigate the complexities of heights with the most current safety protocols.

Comprehensive Working at Heights Training Program

Embark on our comprehensive working at heights training program, meticulously designed to meet and exceed industry standards. This program is tailored to include both theoretical knowledge and practical application, covering essential topics like fall protection, arrest systems, and the use of personal protective equipment. We ensure that every participant understands the importance of safety belts, travel restraint systems, and fall arrest systems, which are critical for working safely at elevated heights. Our course is aligned with the Ministry of Labour’s regulations to provide training completion certification that is recognized across the sector. By joining our program, you’re not just learning to work safely; you’re investing in a culture of safety that prioritizes well-being above all.

Certification of Training Completion: Your Next Steps

 Securing your certification of training completion signifies a pivotal step in adhering to workplace safety protocols, especially when working at heights. This certification is not just a formality; it embodies the rigorous heights training, mastery of personal protective equipment, and understanding of arrest systems you’ve achieved. As you step forward, equipped with knowledge from our heights training program, you’re prepared to implement safety nets and travel restraint systems in real-world scenarios. Who needs working at heights training? Everyone from the construction site to the industrial workplace—ensuring every team member is trained not just for compliance, but for the collective safety and well-being.

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