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WHMIS 2015

Legislated since 1988 in Ontario, ALL workers which may come into contact or work with hazardous materials must have this training and receive an annual review. WHMIS is a nation hazard communication system that provides information on safe usage of hazardous materials in a workplace.

In 2015 the traditional WHMIS program was amended to what is referred to as a Globally Harmonized System (GHS). This means WHMIS training is consistent across the world. This program is designed to teach participants the new practices and procedures when working with or around hazardous material.

The Ontario regulations for WHMIS can be found in Regulation 860-WORKPLACE HAZARDOUS MATERIALS INFORMATION SYSTEM (WHMIS) of the OHSA.

This Training Is for:

Anybody who is working in construction in Ontario. This training is a mandatory requirement by law. This course is particularly important to people who will be working with hazardous materials.

Participants will learn:

  • Different types of hazardous materials

  • Pictograms and their hazards

  • 3 main elements (trade/worker specific materials and required PPE, Labels and MSDS).

  • Legislative requirements

DURATION: Approximately 2hrs of in class participation.



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