December 18 2018
the construction of the Foundation concrete monolith winter

As the seasons change so does constructions. Sites around the city need to adapt their health and safety protocols to match the winter conditions. The cold weather brings with it many changes in surrounds. Ice covered pathways and surfaces, high winds affecting high levels of projects,  and colder temperatures are all factors that need to be taken into consideration. Site maintenance is the best to manage these changes in conditions. Having the ice surfaces covered with salt, tools and material in high wind areas secured, and so on. Protecting the site from the hazards of winter conditions is only part of the equation, protocols must also be put in place to protect workers. Cold stress is a serious concern for workers who are required to work outdoors in the winter. Shivering, tingling finger and toes, blue lips, these are all warning signs for hypothermia and other cold related illnesses. Working with steel in sub zero temperatures can cause frostbite. Workers must equipped themselves with the proper winter personal protective equipment and work with site management to implement procedures for where to go when feeling the symptoms of a cold related illness. Warm areas for breaks and lunch should be provided to give workers the opportunity to get their body temperatures to a safe level. Remember, as the work conditions change, so does the way we interact with out work.