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May 10 2019 0Comment
Fall Awareness Week

Fall Awareness Week

The week of May 06-10, 2019 is officially Fall Awareness week. The Ministry of Labour in Ontario is encouraging workers to take 10-15 minutes on this week to speak about fall hazards and the different types of protection from those hazards. Here at Safeline we believe awareness weeks such as this are crucial to bring […]

May 03 2019 0Comment
Ladder Safety training for construction workers

Ladder Safety

The most commonly asked questions to me during my site visits revolve around ladder safety and regulations. I usually start with directing the person asking me the question to the green book, where they can find all the regulations for Ontario construction projects. The specific regulations referencing ladders can be found in Sections 78-84. Reviewing […]

April 17 2019 0Comment

Spring has Sprung

Spring has finally arrived, is your project ready for the changes that entails? Today finally feels like the first day of 2019 where we are escaping the long cold winter. After a long winter the conditions on site are changing. Constructors and trades all play a role in helping transition the project from winter to […]

April 05 2019 0Comment
WSIB Claims Management

Time is Money

In the construction industry there is a constant need to get things done quickly. Time is literally money. So, when a safety rep comes to site and requests that time be taken out to ensure work is being done safely, a common response involves someone mentioning that they don’t have time. Conducting a job or […]

March 22 2019 0Comment

A 2019 Anniversary Worth Celebrating!

People love celebrating anniversaries. Whether it is the 20th anniversary of an obscure movie from the late 90s or the 8-month anniversary of a couples first date, people want an excuse to celebrate. There’s something so refreshing about remembering how great something WAS rather than creating new great things. Having said that, 2019 is the […]

March 08 2019 0Comment
Basics of fall protections

Fatality Analysis – Falls from Heights

The Ministry of Labour in Ontario has released an analysis they have conducted on the fatalities in Ontario as a result of falls from heights. The report was made to reflect the numbers from 2009-2016. The reason for the analysis was to educate the public and the work force on the contributing factors to falls […]

February 26 2019 0Comment
Reco Cleaning Services

Why Safeline Reco Cleaning Services

There are many stages to a construction project. Starting from the pre planning phase all the way to occupancy of the tenants. Safeline Group of Companies shares a role in many of those key stages of construction.

February 05 2019 0Comment
Toronto Construction Site with crane

Toronto Crowned King of Cranes

There is a saying in Toronto that I have heard throughout the years, “Toronto is going to be such a nice city……when they are done building it.” The implication of this is that despite Toronto’s existence dating back to 1834, that there is still a crazy amount of active construction and infrastructure within the city […]

January 15 2019 0Comment

95-96 Chicago Bulls

“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.” ― Phil Jackson Any successful sports team, company, business all share many commonalities. A pension for hard work, resilience to move forward past hurdles, a willingness to not give up, and most of all the presence of a great […]

January 04 2019 0Comment

2019, A Fresh Start

Today is currently January 04 2019. Just as soon as you have mastered turning the 7 from 2017 to a 8 for 2018, the cycle starts all over again. Here in Toronto the sun is out, the air is brisk, and there is a certain sense of optimism. The kind of optimism that comes with […]

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